Happy New Year

So today marks the start of a brand new year for some, and for others, it marks the beginning of a new season. Let’s be honest, the weekend after Labor Day is a very exciting one in most cities. Everyone is back from their summer share houses, summer vacations, or just has that “back to school attitude.”

I have to be honest, nothing is different today, then it was yesterday. If you were one who sat through Rosh Hashanah services this week, your true love was not sitting in the pew three rows in front of you. That was the same quiet, awkward kid that was in your Hebrew School class 15 years ago. And the guy or girl at the bar with you this past Tuesday was not the “wonder significant other” that was hiding at the beach the past three months, that was the same person that was there mid July, you just weren’t paying attention.

So what’s the lesson? The lesson is “the secret.” I am sure for summer reading these past few months some of you read “The Secret,” which teaches us the “laws of attraction.” Think positively and he or she will be there, money will come, you won’t be late for work and you’ll have the winning lottery ticket. Just think positively.

I’m no wizard, no prophet, but if you want it to be, this September marks “YOUR” year. Happy New Year for some, welcome back to work/school for others and to a great new season for everyone!

For the new year I need to know what your goals are, your wishes and your resolutions. I can help you achieve them, grant them true and help you figure them out. Ask away and you shall have your answers!

Let’s chat soon!

Bachelor Girl

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