Dating Essentials

On a first date, what’s really the most important thing? Besides being attracted to the person physically, one must be able to communicate with the person they are across from, right? You don’t need me to tell you that even in the age of Botox, looks can fade, but conversation should last forever.

This game of communication is obviously a factor of the environment you are in, so let’s start making better decisions on venues, okay? How do two people communicate clearly in these new, huge, Mecca-like places we call restaurants? Don’t get me wrong, all these gigantic venues are beautiful architecturally and tend to attract “beautiful people,” but the couple just starting to get to know each other wastes too much time yelling across a table, “WHAT?,” or “I’M SORRY, CAN YOU SAY THAT AGAIN?” Getting bumped and dropping your red wine on your white dress or khaki pants does not make for the best first impression.

This being said, I think the perfect date spot is one that is more intimate, more conducive for talking quietly and not getting side tracked by traffic.

Therefore my first date spot recommendation would be Freemans. This secret hideaway is literally down an alley off of Rivington Street and it’s small bar and limited seating make for intimacy with a very cool, warm vibe. It’s not overly romantic and, simply put, unpretentious. It’s hidden, secluded feel allows you to feel like you’re alone with your date and no one at the next table is glaring your way. It has that personal feeling from the second you walk in until the moment you leave. It’s worth the wait (no reservations) for the fantastic home cooking and a plentiful wine list!

It’s also refreshing to be able to talk in your “inside voice” and actually be heard!

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