Waverly Inn, I Think Out

I don’t know Graydon Carter, nor do I know his people, his cell phone number or the number of his restaurant that apparently doesn’t deal with plebeians like me anyway. I know the Waverly Inn is somewhere to go and be seen, but to be honest, no one there is going to know who you are, care that your are there or remember you ever even stepped foot in to the place.

Personally, it sounds more like a venue for stress and “Inn-digestion” than a fun scene.

During your meal, you’ll probably be too busy looking around for Gwyneth, Jimmy, Harvey or Graydon himself to pay any attention to the person you went in with and you’ll leave probably frustrated because you never sat, never saw anyone, or wasn’t treated with any form of respect.

From my understanding, the mediocre food is overpriced, not well prepared and served impersonally. Of course this is all hearsay, however, I would rather go somewhere where patrons are respected upon arrival and not meant to wait hours at an overstuffed bar with barely a glimmer of hope that a table will come up before midnight.

I think I’d rather head nearby to Café Cluny or Extra Virgin, where beautiful people go because they are hungry for both great, reliable food and for a good time with no stress involved. Environments that are easy to get along in, get good service and food at and be able to mingle with those who surround you, without staring over their shoulders to see who “MAY” be behind them.

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