Date Movie or Not, It’s A Four Star Winner

There are good movies, there are great movies and there are remarkable movies. What’s the difference you ask? A remarkable movie unearths an emotion in your mind, impacts your emotional state and makes you contemplate your thoughts and viewpoints. Remarkable movies are not necessarily the most romantic “date” movies, but they are certainly the type of films that usually require a drink afterwards and can lead to engaging dinner conversation.

In the Valley of Elah is the kind of significant movie that makes one reflect on our current situation in Iraq. Tommy Lee Jones, even in a very quiet role, has a loud and large impact. He’s playing the roll of a retired Army Lieutenant searching for his AWOL military son. Without giving anything away, it’s a movie about relationships, secrets and war, and the emotional toll the current situation in Iraq is having on our soldiers and Veterans.

Since the Fugitive, I don’t think we’ve seen Tommy Lee Jones as incredible and understated in such an overt way. It’s clearly HIS movie as he is in almost every scene, but a supporting cast including Susan Sarandon and Charlize Theron, and a director like Paul Haggis (Crash), can’t hurt either.

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