Jinx No Longer – So Share It with Someone Lucky

There are certain addresses in Manhattan that no matter what restaurant opens in place of the last one, it doesn’t work out for one reason or another. For example, the spot on 22nd Street that once was Commune, then Rocco’s (during the failed reality TV show), followed by Caviar and Bananas and eventually, what we call now, Borough Food and Wine. I think certain city locations are just simply jinxed as if the Hope Diamond was buried under their kitchens.

Accademia di Vino, the new venue at 1081 Third Avenue, is one of these bad luck addresses, which, I hope, will break this cursed locality. It’s the “sister” restaurant of Cesca on the Upper West Side and is considered Italian like its older sibling.

There is a full restaurant downstairs with a great private area, but last night we preferred to be more social and sit in the bar upstairs where people can either sit at a long wooden bar or choose to dine at a high table along the windows. The bar menu includes all the Salumis, Paninis, Carpaccios, Tartars, Pizzas, Sushi and salads as the restaurant menu and clearly, as the name implies, there is a vast wine list. It’s not easy finding a good after work bar where you can also share light fare and appetizers and I highly recommend Accademia di Vino, even it means a special trip to the Upper East Side.

Now, only because I promised to share funny escapades, I must share a little incident that occurred. I must admit, the crowd at AdV was a bit mixed. There were old folks, young kin (who I’m not sure were quiet 21), couples, singles and everything in between. This being said, my single girlfriend and I were sitting, sharing some appetizers, drinking some fantastic Montepulciano, when a strange (and I don’t mean because we didn’t know him and he was a strang”er”) man walked by, picked up my friends bread, ate half of it in one bite and put the rest back on her plate.

Now I missed this all occur, but the waitress (who was very sweet despite her butter fingers dropping a tray or two), saw it and gave a questioning stare. The man proceeded to walk away, but my feisty friend decided to throw the remaining bread at his head. After the shock wore off that she actually did this, and a short flick off with his hand, he did leave the bar and we got to finish the rest of our Tartars and Carpaccios in peace!

Like the new auspicious restaurant AdV, my friend and I were fortunate enough to leave with a great buzz, full from delicious food, and had a lot of laughs while there!

Bon Appetite!

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