Not the Typical Dinner Date


How can a dinner date be more romantic than a beautiful restaurant, upstairs in an old brownstone, looking over the park, with candle light? Basically, it can’t.

Well I had a date to remember that may top that.

It was one of those disheveled days when my head was in the clouds and the day just fully escaped from me. Rush, rush rush! Exactly what New Yorkers do best, right?

So I go to work, think I’m being good and hit the gym (even though I was more tired than a hibernating bear in winter time) and by the time 8 O’Clock PM came along I was ready for dinner, a shower and my bed!

I decide to be the anti-lazy Manhattanite and instead of ordering in Chinese or from the dinner, I actually get up, walk downtown and East to Todaro, that yummy gourmet market across from the Kips Bay movie theater.

Well as I go to take out my wallet, I realized that in all of my pandemonium earlier I inconveniently forgot my wallet in my other bag.  Like on the show Millionaire, I decide to “phone a friend” and get a credit card number. Well unlike Millionaire, my friend wasn’t home and as I go to dial another, my chaotic night took a turn.

The nicest man in the world leaned over, handed me 12 single dollar bills and said, “Here’s dinner on me!” I mean, whoever said New Yorkers aren’t nice, never met my dinner companion this evening. He wouldn’t allow me to repay him and NO, he wasn’t hitting on me either.

Clearly this wasn’t the most romantic date filled with rose petals and wine, but it was one of the most endearing and thoughtful dates I’ve ever been on.

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