A Vacation from Manhattan Conveniently In Manhattan

Take a loved one, take a friend, take a pet or just take yourself, but no matter what, just GO to the Cloisters.

What exactly are the Cloisters? Where are the Cloisters? Why do I keep hearing about them and why would I want to go? Isn’t it such a schlep to get up there? NO!

Hop on the A Train, the M4 or drive up the West Side Highway to 190th St Fort Tryon Park and enjoy a long walk on the Cloisters 4 acres of greenery looking over the Hudson River.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s extension is devoted to the art and architecture of Medieval Europe. There are beautiful gardens to roam, tapestries to observe and glowing stained-glass windows to be entranced by. The actual museum is small and doesn’t take much time to stake out, but it’s worth a small donation to help with the upkeep of the gardens and horticulture.

I would recommend making a day out of it and enjoy a Sunday brunch or dinner one evening at the New Leaf Café. This charming, American café is set in a stone building in the park and although the service is a bit inattentive and slow, sitting outside, under umbrellas, on a patio in the middle of Manhattan is reason enough to take the trek.

Compared to Central Park, the Cloisters may be further away from the center of the city geographically; however, they also mentally take you that much further away than any park below 189th Street.

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