Dinner and a Movie Date Recommendation

Michael Clayton is an intense thriller as opposed to a quirky love story, however, I still recommend it as a great movie date selection. It’s a thought provoking film that will stir great conversation for the rest of the evening.

Upon first reflection, I hated the movie, but after thinking about it, why did I hate it? I hated it because it made me stressed and intense. It rattled me and shook my nerves up so much that I was edgy for two hours straight and desperately needed a drink.

Granted, looking at George Clooney is always comforting, but if this movie didn’t star the most sought after actor in Hollywood, would Michael Clayton have any endearing qualities? Clearly, yes. Any movie that can elicit these types of emotions is apparently a movie worthy of a Hollywood buzz .

Obviously this was an extreme movie, and in the end it made me question a lot of the big business’ I’m familiar with and the people that defend them. Don’t these industries have morals to guide their ultimate decisions? Are “fixers” like Michael Clayton truly necessary to break up powerful companies that are harming our livelihood?

In this powerful thriller perhaps we did, but after thinking about it I realize if it wasn’t for big business we wouldn’t have the food we eat, the medicines that cure us, the people to defend and the education provided to us. I was able to calm my nerves and justify the world in my own head.

But now it’s time for less contemplation, justification and rationalization, and more thought on where to eat and what to drink!

Who else to turn to than Steve Hanson, the restaurateur responsible for the B.R. Guest franchise (Ruby Foo’s, Blue Water Grill, Fiama, Level V). I’m not a big carnivore but I have to say I loved Primehouse because of its twist on the typical steakhouse experience. It doesn’t try too hard to be a “female” steakhouse like STK, but is not overwhelmingly manly like Wolfgang’s.

Although it is an enormous venue, its friendly staff and not too eclectic architecture gives it a homey feel, filled with geometric design and an art deco aesthetic. The menu is a great combination of classic steakhouse offerings with a twist of the chef’s own personal touches.

So in the end Michael Clayton and Primehouse New York was a date combining the best of both worlds. Thought provoking, mindful, reflection and conversation, combined with indulgence, pleasure a slight buzz to lead to perhaps a second date????


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