The Weekend Scene

Scene One – Friday Night:

He makes eye contact, I smile shyly, turn back to my friends, but when I glace back to make sure he really was cute, he’s still checking me out.  Now I’m excited and my friends are just confirming him gape at me like a painter staring at a blank canvas not knowing where to begin. 

I laugh nervously hoping he’ll walk over and when he does coolly sit down next to me, greetings are exchanged. As the evening goes by he’s constantly gazing in my direction, smiling, looking to get my attention, and although I gave him a look of approval, he begins to gather his belongs and say goodbye to his friends.  

The girls want me give him my card before he leaves and although it’s apparent he’s interested, why would I want to give my number to a guy who’s too timid to come get it himself? Girls want to date men with chutzpah, not cowards who fear rejection.

Scene Two – Saturday Night:

He makes eye contact; I smile back politely and blatantly turn away. He then taps me, starts talking and doesn’t stop for the rest of the night. It wasn’t a coincidence that he had to go to the bathroom at the same time I did, nor needed a drink when I did. He won’t stop staring, and not in the way a tourist looks at the Mona Lisa, but the type of creepy, stalker like gaze that makes me feel totally uncomfortable.

He ends up talking his way in to making me give him your card and the second I said goodbye, he texts me. Reluctantly I answer the text which leads him to text back, ask me out and wish me “sweet dreams.” My response, “talk soon.”  What is with this psycho?

Scene Three – Sunday Morning

Lying in bed I wonder to myself, why is it that the cute guy in the crisp button down and True Religion jeans didn’t have the backbone to ask for my number (let alone text me good night), but the guy in the stoned washed jeans from the 80’s did?

Like all women, I want to be pursued and although it’s the 21st century, there are some situations where old fashioned behavior, such as courting, is polite and appropriate. Granted I could have been the aggressor in this situation, but I often notice men get intimated by women who are the instigators.

Men, I know approaching a woman is scary and rejection is not ideal, but whatever happened to that “good old college try?” You’re a man, so take some initiative and start acting like one.  You’re never going to know if you’ll be rejected until you try, and trust me, women like a man who isn’t shy, is willing to make the first move, and will follow through without acting like the psycho stalker from Saturday night.

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