Is there etiquette on researching a person you’re set up with before you actually meet?

Think about this, in today’s age of Google, MySpace, Facebook and Friendster it’s extremely tempting to know every single detail about the person you’re going out with before you actually meet them, including where they may have birthmarks or piercings.

But is this good?

I don’t think so. Let’s form our own opinions of the people we meet and not know their social security numbers and pin number to their bank account before the first drink.  Perhaps the chubby, curly haired, midget, your mother’s, friend’s Aunt wants you to meet grew up to become a thin, thick haired, beauty, but can’t be relieved of the stereotypes from grade school.

Recently a friend was being set up with a woman who replied to his witty introductory email, with an even wittier one. Basically she “Googled” him and found out that he was a well known composer, carpenter, border line professional athlete, who looked like a wart hog. She said she was willing to overlook these things and take a chance though.

Now, that’s a funny reply, but let’s be honest, she still REALLY did “Google” him to check him out because when I went on Google, those were all entries I found under my friend’s name.

At least if you’re going to succumb to the level of snooping around on the web for every minute detail about your blind date, maybe you should consider NOT ADMITTING IT! I must tell you, if someone divulged that to me, I would have a restraining order put on the person before we even went out.

If you know everything, you’re blind date isn’t so “blind,” and I don’t care what anyone says, you can’t separate what you already know from what you are pretending to find out.

The Internet makes things too personal too quickly and my advice would be to take a real chance and go on an actual blind date. Form your own opinion of people, because the person that once was or is seen in a 2 X 2 photo online, may not be the person that is.


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