The Great Escape

Sorry for being out of touch for a while my loyal fans, but I’ve been away for two weeks! I’m back though and ready to get back to work here at Bachelorsguide.com.

Let me just tell you though, vacations, like oxygen and H2O, are one of life’s essentials. They are an escape from the workplace, computers, phones and the everyday repetition of reality!


I just spent the last week in Costa Rica and if I could recommend a one week vacation that combines a little something for everyone, CR is it!  It’s like camp, but out of the country, where the activities are longer, a bit more provocative, and instead of counselors who may not speak fluent English, there are guides that force you to conjugate those verbs you learned in high school Spanish class.

All you need is a passport and you can fly in less than 5 hours (no Ambien necessary) directly to San Jose. From there it’s just a short flight to the beaches or a nice ride through the mountains to the active volcanoes and animal packed rainforests.

Zip-lining, white water rafting, hiking active volcanoes, swimming in hot springs and being lazy on the beaches are just a few things you can do on your visit, but I must say learning the language of the Howler Monkey in the rainforests is a highlight for the animal lover.  Not in any zoo would you be able to get this close to monkeys, ant eaters, sloths, toucans and crocodiles.

There’s nothing luxurious about the hotels there (unless you can arrange to go the time of year that the Four Seasons has good weather), it’s not a high maintenance trip, but it’s nature at it’s finest, makes you feel happy and healthy, all the while leaving your hairdryer, make up and designer clothes in the city.

Put it this way, if Marbella Spain is like the Hamptons, then Costa Rica is Fire Island.  Fire Island with better food, more culture, less deer, more monkeys, cheaper drinks and an earlier wakeup call and bedtime! Bring a few books, soak in some Latin American sun and enjoy all the journeys and natural beauty an unaffected country like Costa Rica has to offer.


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