I’m Not There – Was Dylan Ever Anywhere?

After seeing the movie I’m Not There, the biographical film reflecting the life of the legend Bob Dylan, I realized that most of his life, Dylan was a lost soul.

The movie shows clear distinct phases in Dylan’s life portrayed through six different character actors ranging from young to old, black to white, male to female. Cate Blancett depicts the political, rebellious Dylan, Richard Gere, the “Billy The Kid” type recluse, Christian Bale, the preachy Pastor-like Dylan, Heath Ledger, the rock star dabbling in sex and drugs, Marcus Carl Franklin, representing his childhood, and Ben Whishaw, the analytical Dylan.

 Obviously all very different types of actors/actresses and all representing a different phase in life that Dylan went through.  If there is an Oscar buzz about any of these characters, it would be Blanchett, but wouldn’t it be interesting if she gets the Best Actress nod while another one of the male characters gets the nod for Best Actor.

It was an interesting movie from an artistic point of view. Watching a single man’s life unfold before us from six different perspectives certainly was a new way to tell a story and it was obvious how well the movie was directed and edited.

Some things to contemplate before you see this film.  First, are you a lover of Dylan?  His songs are on in the background the entire 2 ½ hours and although some songs are his classics, there are some more obscure songs that even the biggest Dylan fan may not know.  The answer is I don’t think you have to be a fan in order to appreciate the movie. Being familiar with his sound would only enhance the movie’s effect on the viewer, but I’m not a big Bob Dylan fan, sometimes find his music too preachy and whiney, yet thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Second, do you have to know a lot about the history of Dylan and growth of music from the 50’s to today?  To be honest, it would help, but I didn’t. I learned a lot from this movie about the development of “rock and roll” from folk music and how politics really helped to construct the music industry.

I highly recommend I’m Not There as a movie of the history on one man’s life viewed through a crystal, development of “rock and roll” and how one man could actually be so many different people in one lifetime.

And while you’re at the movies, if you’re in the moode for an outrageous story about a dysfunctional family, sex, murder, jealously and neglect, I recommend Before the Devil Knows Your Dead. This is a story of two brothers’ struggle to get by in the world at the expense of everyone else around them, including their own family. It’s a terribly sad movie, exceptionally humorless, and a bit depressing, but it’s also Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke at their best!


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